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Paso Doble is a DJ/producer and founder Of Melomania Records (Montreal, Canada), He was born in Algeria (North Africa), Lover of Afro Deep/Soulful House Music.
His story began in 2002 in Spain, where he got his first gig. He then moved to Montreal (Canada) where he’s one of the few Dj’s representing Afro House music., Living his passion body and soul.
Paso Doble plays music from famous DJs all over the world mainly, Spen, N’dinga Gaba, Carlos Mena, Ralph GUM, Black Coffee, Boddhi Satva, Little Louie Vega and many more in Montreal, United States, France, Greece, Italy & Spain.
His first release was in 2010 on Cabana Records was a success. It was in the TOP 20 of Best Singles in Traxsouce [Honey EP] ‘My World’ has been played around the World.
He has released EP’s with Zano Blind Faith EP and It was a success too.
Paso Doble Released Many EP’s Under Melomania Records, NuLu, Soul Sun Soul Music, Open Bar, Liberate, United Music Quantize Recordings & Ocha Records, all of the reached a prestigious top 100 Traxsource.

Paso Doble became owner of his Label  »Melomania Records » in February 2011.

MoBlack (Mimmo Falcone) is an Italian dj/producer, record label owner and Afro House A&R Manager at Traxsource. He is responsible in large part for the hype the genre Afro House is having worldwide. MoBlack biggest supporters: Black Coffee, Ame x Dixon, Solomun, Osunlade, &ME, Rampa and Pete Tong just to mention a few. Mimmo Falcone started djing at very early age plus years of experience in FM local radios and 10 years of experience of living in Africa (Ghana) completed his huge and unique musical background. Since his arrive in Africa in 2003, he has played and shared his faith in sound with local artists. MoBlack project was conceived in Ghana in 2012. In Twi, the major language spoken in Ghana, Mo means « Well done/Congratulation ». The idea behind it was to give voice to the amazing talent that focused around House Music from Africa. MoBlack Records first release in December 2013 paved the way for an incredible catalog with tracks consistently charting and acknowledged by the House Community as a whole with the accomplishment of his objective: supporting local artists in the international dancefloor industry.

A leading voice within the Afro House scene, TOSHI enjoyed a fantastic 12 months with a series of fire tracks including the Manoo remix of her massive ‘Amahloni’ by Stones & Bones on MoBlack Records. Her collaboration with David Morales, ‘Hela’, on MoDef a sizzling blend of Afro rhythms and classic Morales production, was also a standout track for Toshi this year, and she also made a superb appearance on the classy Ticck D.H.A. Club Mix of DJ Kabila’s ‘Atsha Pha’. Toshi’s unique vocals also featured on the atmospheric ‘Uyankenteza’ from Afro Warriors which picked up substantial plays from the likes of Black Coffee and Hyenah. »

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