[Melomania Records] TRINITY – ACCRETION EP

Cover Accretion EP by Trinity


Melomania Records is pleased and proud to present « Trinity », This collaboration of producers Paso Doble, Jacob Santo & Apostolos Xigkakis, who are collectively known as Trinity, combined their experiences and passions to bring you a unique, heart stopping, epic Accretion EP release that was conceived in the Greek islands of Santorini, born at AMV Studios (Santorini, Greece).

This EP is a testament to the life that is rich with lessons captured in song.

Special Thanks to Rescue Poetix on (Sands of Africa)
Special Thanks to Yannis Pantazis on the Sax (Rituality)

Accretion EP will be available on all digital platforms and includes:

1_Trinity ft. Jacob Santo – All About it (Main Destruction Mix)
2_Trinity – Rituality (Main Sax Mix)
3_Trinity ft. Rescue Poetix – Sands of Africa (Main Mix)

Label : Melomania Records


Producers: Paso Doble, Jacob Santo, Apostolos Xigkakis.

Mastering: Melomania Records Lab (Croatia)


Studio: AMV Studio Santorini (Greece)

Cover: Melomania Records Lab (Croatia)